Poison frog prince
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Description : Poison frog prince - Previously, in a beautiful river in the forest to live in a very cute frog prince, and his generations in this beautiful forest and happy with life. But the river upstream of the city, but human, human to their own interests, this relentlessly to clear the rivers discharge of industrial wastewater, industrial wastewater contains large amounts of these radioactive materials, toxic for plants and animals, very. Soon this beautiful forest becomes a living hell, a lot of dead plants, animals become infected by a variation of organisms, and the loss of thinking into a zombie. Bird cute frog prince has not survived, turned into a variation of the poison frogs, because of his natural physical remains outstanding after the variation of their own thinking ability, and has a remarkable ability to control their own thinking other animals. It is because he was discriminated against by other animals, so he wanted to use his extraordinary ability to find happy homes. - jackingame.com.

Control : Frog Prince use the arrow keys to control movement, ? ? to move around, ? for the jump. ? top of the head by jumping into the animal can control the animal, but the snails, except hedgehog.
Special features of animals:
Control orangutan, press the X button to use sticks to attack enemies or break ivy.
Kangaroo control, press the arrow keys ? or high levels of long-range jumps.
Control the wild boar, press the X button to attack the enemy or destroy walls.
Control the elephant, press the X button to attack the enemy or destroy stakes, press the arrow keys ? crushed the foot of the stakes.

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